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Property and Asset Division in a Case of Divorce

Husbands and wives often accumulate many assets and sometimes even debt during a marriage in Southern California. When individuals decide to end their marriage, it will require the help of someone experienced such as a divorce attorney in Woodland Hills, California to help protect the rights of each party. Cars, bank accounts, homes, community debts, and even pensions are all explained in property division law regarding divorce in California and an experienced attorney such as Christopher Wasson can help explain the confusing court process ahead.
Christopher Wasson has represented clients throughout the San Fernando Valley and Conejo Valley to obtain both fair and equitable divisions of property and assets for the last ten years. During the process of dividing property, a couple must first decide whether or not the property or debt is martial or separate. Next, they must agree on the value of the property and how they would like to divide it.
A professional divorce attorney such as Christopher Wasson is well versed with this division process. Property that one spouse owned alone before marriage or received from an inheritance or a gift is their property alone. California law states that property spouses acquire before divorce, but after separation is also separate property too. The court may sometimes be involved with various instances like if a spouse earned a large amount of money after a separation to determine whether it is joint property or not. A monetary value is also assigned to each property item during this process as well.

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