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One of the fastest growing aspects of family law in California is concerned with unmarried couples. When children become a part of a relationship between two people, and the parents decide to end their relationship, issues of child visitation, custody, and support come into play. For the last ten years, Christopher Wasson has represented many unmarried parents from all over Southern California including Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, Winnetka, Van Nuys and Los Angeles to help them to comprehend the complicated aspects associated with child custody and support when it comes to parents and their children.
Paternity is the legal determination of who the biological father of a child is. While the identity of a mother is generally known, the father’s identity may not always be certain or an individual wants clarification before any support orders are put into place. Legal matters relating to paternity testing can be emotional. When you need help compelling someone to take a DNA test or you want to reverse a declaration of paternity, it’s time to hire a paternity lawyer in Woodland Hills, California to help.
Christopher Wasson, a paternity lawyer in Woodland Hills, understands how complex paternity law can be. When you enlist his legal services, he will utilize his years of experience and resources to help represent you and protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. Paternity issues are sensitive even when a custody dispute isn’t involved. Whether child visitation agreements or child support payment arrangements, there are some things that must be taken into consideration. The well-being of children should be top priority.
DNA profiling is one of the latest methods to test for a paternity test. This examines the genetic material that a child inherits from his or her parents. First, they are compared to the mother. If the characteristics found in the child aren’t found in the mother, they look for them in their father. This type of testing helps to establish a father’s paternity with over 99% accuracy.

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Paternity issues similar to other family law issues have financial and emotional implications. It is important when someone is faced with these pressing issues that they seek the help of a professional lawyer who can guide them through the legal process of these difficult and emotional situations. Christopher Wasson is familiar with paternity law and has helped clients to work through paternity disputes in Southern California for the last ten years with success.

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