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Ultimately, when two parents decide to end their relationship, that doesn’t end their responsibility to both care for and support any children they have had together. Parents will have questions about the amount of child support, how long will the payments be made, and other child support-related questions. Thankfully with the help of a Woodland Hills, California Child Support Attorney, all of those important questions can be answered.

Christopher Wasson has years of experience representing individuals all over Southern California in family law and child support services court. He can help you to determine the best possible resolution for everyone involved in this life change. He understands that children can often be caught in the middle of separations, breakups, and divorce so he works hard to make sure that they are supported in a fair way.

In California, child support is calculated using many factors including and not limited to:

  1. The number of children
  2. The income of both parents
  3. The visitation/custody arrangements in place

The amount of child support is typically determined by the needs of the child or children as well as their cost of living, the cost of their schooling (if applicable), and their medical insurance. Because these factors can change, it can be hard for two parents to come to an agreement of this amount.

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Because of this struggle, it’s important to hire a Woodland Hills child support attorney such as Christopher Wasson who has experience completing necessary paperwork, helping to negotiate payment amounts and schedules, and making sure that a couple and their children are set financially for a lifetime. Ultimately, child support laws in the state of California depend heavily on the parenting time with each parent. This typically means that if one parent has a child or children more than the other, they will have a greater need for child support help.
A child support lawyer can help represent you when you need legal help the most during child support proceedings in Southern California. Christopher Wasson has the compassion needed to handle child support cases like yours. You can count on him to help you when you need legal representation during this serious life change for your family. If you’re having trouble agreeing upon child support, it’s time to call a child support lawyer today.

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