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Help in Filing a Restraining Order

Domestic Violence can take on many different forms; actual physical violence, threats or harassment.  Domestic Violence can occur anywhere; in the home, at work, by e-mail or over the telephone.  Christopher Wasson has represented clients in dozens of domestic violence actions either seeking restraining orders against abusive spouses or significant others and defending clients against unwarranted and falsely obtained restraining orders. 
Christopher Wasson has appeared on behalf of clients seeking protection in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, San Fernando, Antelope Valley and Chatsworth Courtrooms. Christopher Wasson is available to provide you with a free telephone consultation to discuss the procedure of seeking Domestic Violence Restraining Orders and helping you obtain the protection and peace of mind you seek and need.  Be sure to ask about one time Court representation in your case to lower the cost of your legal expense.

To obtain a no cost telephone consultation, or a more in depth, low cost in office consultation, contact the Law Office of Christopher Wasson toll free at 888-506-9711.