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Protecting Rights of Grandparents in Woodland Hills, CA

When parents divorce, or one parent unexpectedly dies, a grandparent’s right to have visitation with their grandchildren does not necessarily go away.  Grandparents do have rights to seek Court orders to visit with their grandchildren even when their relations with the surviving parent or the ex-spouse of their child may be strained or non-existent.
It is important to have an attorney on your side who understands the rights grandparents may have in wanting to visit their grandchildren.  Christopher Wasson has represented grandparents in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Pasadena and Sherman Oaks seeking visitation with their grandchildren after the death or divorce of their son or daughter.  
If you are grandparent who has trouble arranging to see his or her grandchildren with the surviving parent or the ex-spouse of their child, contact Christopher Wasson today and arrange for an inexpensive, in-office consultation to learn what rights you may have.