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One of the most troubling aspects of divorce and unwed parents is the affect it has on children and the sometimes inevitable disputes over child custody and visitation.  It takes someone with compassion and experience in the legal aspects of child custody and visitation to help guide mothers and fathers in obtaining reasonable and fair Court orders that protect the rights of the children and the parents.
For over 10 years Christopher Wasson has represented mothers and fathers in their attempts to obtain child custody and visitation orders that reflect their needs while acting in the best interests of their children. 
Christopher Wasson realizes first hand the trauma caused to families in the midst of divorce and the consequences that could result to children if proper Court orders are not obtained.  Christopher Wasson's  over 10 years of experience dealing with this highly emotional area of the law gives him a unique perspective to the issues of child custody which he uses in analyzing your case. 
In representing clients in Pasadena, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Torrance, San Fernando, Chatsworth and Ventura, Christopher Wasson has negotiated fair and reasonable visitation agreements on behalf of his clients as well as successfully argued for his clients in Court that the custody and visitation plan presented, is the best one for the children.

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